Magnet Creation

Create a personalized souvenir instantly!

How it Works

MAGNET CREATION® is a self-service kiosk.

Customers can print a souvenir card with any name using our innovative software with integrated touchscreen

Customer may choose from a variety of phrases & apply them to the personalized mini-plate magnet.

No cost to you

No investment required. It's that simple.

Profits are shared

Thousands of dollars in profit!

No contract

No long-term commitment.

We maintain it

At no cost to you

Great for tourist locations, attractions, & more!

Customize to suit your theme

Key Features


Occupies less than 4 sqft of retail space.

Easy Checkout

Accepts credit. Wi-fi hotspot included for credit card processing.

User Friendly

English/Spanish with easy-to-use touchscreen.

Fast Printing

Kiosk dispenses the final product in seconds.


Print any name! Choose from a variety of phrases & logo designs.

Custom Designs

Includes designs for all 50 States & more. We can even add your own design!

Magnet Creation kiosks are
suitable for any location!